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To work on body and mind, The Mind Movement also offers the possibility to follow (functional yoga) classes in small groups. In addition, breathing and deep relaxation classes are given. The Fit Flex Relax classes are taught on the basis of scientific knowledge in the field of functional anatomy, movement science and neuroscience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser, you can participate in any class. Our instructors are known for the personal attention that is central to each class. Postures will be adapted to what you and your body can handle, in other words, functional classes. We offer the following classes:

FIT: Yang. (Hatha)

You'll find our different yang classes on our schedule. Yang classes are all about making the body stronger, more flexible and more mobile. Various postures follow each other at a faster pace. Attention is paid to strengthening (core) muscles, balance and stamina.


During our yin classes the focus is on making the deeper connective tissue in the body more flexible and mobile. During these lessons attention is also paid to the mind. During the lessons we calm the busy mind, you can lower your stress and you will find more relaxation in both your mind and body. Various complaints such as back, neck and knee complaints can be remedied by taking (functional) yin lessons on a regular basis.

RELAX: Yoga Nidra

During our nidra classes you will be taken to a deeper level of relaxation.

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