Panic attacks, palpitations, stress, worries, tensions

Panic attacks, palpitations, stress, worries, tensions, I couldn't do anything, my body was gone!

I tried all kinds of things, but in the end I sat at home for whole days, ran out of energy and slept badly.

When I ended up at The Mindacademy I immediately felt that I was fine; you notice the experience with my complaints and although it was strange for me, it was the most normal thing in the world for this club. "It's going to be okay" they said and that's right. I started taking classes in the Fit Flex Relax studio and then I started the Masterclass Mindfulness: here I learned techniques and tools how to deal with my complaints and to recover.

The person I was then and am now his two extremes, where I was then a perfectionist and was secretly very insecure in daily life and for example could not admit that I was going over my limit, I am now a person of peace. I have learned to keep my mind always calm, have a super focus, my mind is always as good as stress free. I can hardly believe how far all this has taken me, I sincerely believe that every person needs this knowledge to live a good life.



Are you a man and do you suffer from high sensitivity or burn-out?

We are the only one in Rotterdam to offer this very popular introduction. Together with our teacher we look at your personal goals. Based on years of experience we look at which approach suits you best and how we can help you best.
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