My work, children, sports, social life

My work, children, sports, social life and social being 'online' suddenly became too much for me one day, I had the now familiar symtoms. I laughed at people who had these complaints, I thought they were exaggerating, how can everyone have a burn-out these days?! And boom I was suddenly in there myself, I was annoyed, didn't understand and didn't know how I would ever get out of this again.

Luckily I discovered the mindfulness with Gil, this man changed my life! He makes everything so simple and easy, when you hear it you think it's logical and now the practice and ..... In practice it's also true, it's easy and effortless as long as you do it! The techniques, tools and knowledge work and where I walked for months at different specialists this was the first thing that really helped me! My partner and children recognize my old self again, I have fun in life and work again, my head is calm and I finally sleep well again. I have high energy all the time and I feel great! Thank you to the whole team who helped me get back on my feet!



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