I slept badly and woke up restless.

I was deep in a burn-out and realized that I am highly sensitive and felt tension all over my body. I slept badly and woke up restless. Everything was too much and I was no longer myself. Luckily, I found the right help in Fit Flex Relax with workshops for High Sensitivity in men High Sensitive men. Here I found the specialists I needed. A good and personal guidance is provided. They helped me on the right track both physically and mentally. In addition, I also received guidance in the field of nutrition. I am finally calm in my head again.

Mathijs Visser

Are you a man and do you suffer from high sensitivity or burn-out?

We are the only one in Rotterdam to offer this very popular introduction. Together with our teacher we look at your personal goals. Based on years of experience we look at which approach suits you best and how we can help you best.
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