I have HSP and I didn't know that until later in life

I have HSP and I didn't know that until later in life. My father was always like "don't bullshit but keep going", "don't cry", "don't talk about emotions that's weird"! Because of this I have been emotionally predatory for years and that started to manifest itself with tensions in my body, shoulders, neck lower back and after a lot of physio's I was referred to Gil as a movement therapist. He indicated that because of the mental problems I couldn't get on with all the therapists. Of course I didn't have to know anything about this (I thought I was floating), but now I look at it in a completely different way. Scientifically it was explained to me how the brain and emotions work on the body. It sounded more logical and logical.  

I referred my brother and a colleague and they came to the same conclusion regardless of your history. This workshop has helped all of us with different problems in our daily lives.



Are you a man and do you suffer from high sensitivity or burn-out?

We are the only one in Rotterdam to offer this very popular introduction. Together with our teacher we look at your personal goals. Based on years of experience we look at which approach suits you best and how we can help you best.
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