About Gil Sol

Gil works as an international:
- Movement therapist
- Epigentics nutritionist
- Psycho-social therapist

He specializes in neuroplasticity (brain plasticity) of the brain. It allows you to break old habits and reprogram your brain to achieve a healthier thought pattern.

Gil has now successfully helped over 7,000 people.

His passion
It's more than just a body, a brain or your diet. It's a complete lifestyle and Gil has dedicated his own life to the science behind it. He combines the traditional teachings as developed in the East with the current scientific knowledge that exists in the West. He is very passionate about his work to teach his students to take control of both their bodies and minds. His goal is to make everyone feel good in both body and mind. 

For whom

Gil focuses on people with stress-related problems, people who are against or in a burn out, depression, tension complaints, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and much more. Additional complaints are for example: anger, frustration, stress, overexertion, indecisiveness, insecurity, concentration problems, sleep problems, gloominess, low self-esteem, low energy, loneliness and excessive thinking. 

In addition, Gil focuses on a specific target group: Men with HSP ((Highly Sensitive Person)or people with HSP in general. 

Gil is there for those who want to break old thoughts and habits, develop a better focus and concentration, get more willpower, be more positive in life and have a calmer thought pattern. 

Gil uses training methods on nutritional advice based on epigenetics, functional anatomical body therapy and neuroplasticity mind-training in: 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and retreats.

My Story
I am a former athlete and have been practicing sports, yoga and meditation since an early age. 

I've had a very serious car accident. After this I could not move anymore and my short term memory was affected. For more than a year I lived with unbearable pain in my body. Doctors indicated that I would never be able to recover. The science of functional anatomy and neuro-plasticity saved my life.

I worked as an interim manager and resigned. This was the start of my passion for practicing and studying various scientific studies on the human body, functioning of the brain, nutrition and life in the broadest sense of the word.

Words of Gil
The mind is like a muscle and by training it becomes stronger. Energy flows where you pay attention. What you focus on, will grow. The moment you learn how to control your thoughts, you can also create the life you want.  

Life is too short to worry and to be anything but happy. The moment you learn how your mind works, you can control your life. The purpose of life is to feel good in both your body and mind. "Change your mind and change your life."

Portfolio Studies

Anatomy studies
- Movement Sciences, National Academy Movement Medicine;
- Fascia and neuropsychology studies, Dr. Gil Hedley & Dr. Thomas Meyers;
- Advanced Functional Anatomy, Paul Grilley.

Psychology and mind studies
- Transpersonal psychology and neuroplasticity;
- Sarah Powers;
- A period lived and worked with traditional monks in the Himalayas;
- Philosophy, Dr. Ganesh Rao and Prabakar;
- Mindfulness at Thich Nhat Hanh
- Dr. Joe Dispenza

Nutrition Studies
- Orthemolecular and epigentic studies

Yoga studies

  • Over 1600 hours of international yoga teacher training in India and Thailand at international yoga institute and traditional monks.
  • Gil is also a Functional Anatomy Teacher at the Yoga Academy where he is training new Yoga teachers.

Gil has done many more studies and still studies with various teachers.

Gil Sol

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