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Are you looking for One-on-one counseling? Then you are at the right place at The Mind Movement. Do you have a burn-out? Do you suffer from stress and a tense feeling and do you have physical complaints (neck, shoulder and back)? Do you have fears or panic attacks And are you stuck in your body? Are you low in energy or do you suffer from negative thoughts? Do you worry a lot and find it hard to let go? Does your body feel heavy? Gil can help you!

Gil helps you on the basis of scientifically proven programs. In 1 on 1 counseling, the entire program is tailored to your personal symptoms. With a personal approach Gil will help you to solve your problems. Your goals in life will be taken into account and together we will build towards a bright future!

Within Mind Movement we can offer 1 on 1 guidance in the area of Mind:

Specialties within this approach:

Burnout Recovery and Prevention | Neuroplasticity | Science Based Stress Reduction

If you want to learn Spanish you go to a Spanish teacher. If you want to learn tennis, you go to a tennis teacher. For losing weight à Dietician, get stronger à Personal trainer. So: to learn how your mind works, you go to someone who knows how the mind works: a neuroplasticity coach.

Our 4 step program

With Mind Movement we work through the following 4-step program. First we recommend you to follow our free introductory workshop for the master class: "the science behind change".
In this workshop you will learn why changing your mindset is not so easy and what effect negative thoughts have on your mind and body. 

Step 1: Learn the Mind

  • Learn the science behind change and how the
    mind works
  • Learn why without insight into the mind change is so
  • Become able to focus your mind
  • The origin of your negative
    understand thoughts

We'll learn breathing techniques to calm your nervous system


Step 2: break the cycle

  • Stop negative thoughts or busy thoughts controlling your life
  • Stop being busy and stressed all the time and break old habits
  • Do away with your inner saboteur and negative limiting thoughts
  • Learning to accept and let go

We teach you to release tension in your body and feel more relaxed


Step 3: Master your mindset

  • Control your mind
    Achieve the change you want
  • Calm the busy mind, release tension in the body and cope with stress
  • Learn to prevent criticism and negativity from others from affecting you and your mindset

We learn what mindrest is, what it can do for you and what techniques we can use.


Step 4: Develop new healthy habits

  • Develop new healthy habits and achieve all your goals and dreams
  • Create a calm and focused mind and a relaxed body
  • Develop more willpower and achieve a fitter body and a calm mind
  • Always feel good in your body and mind and be the best version of yourself

We will learn mind stillness techniques


Our Success Stories

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Science based stress reduction

€ 149.00

1 single session

Go deeper into your situation in 1 lesson. You can compare this with a deeper intake.

€ 1399.00

10 sessions package

Take a package of 10 sessions if you want to work on your situation in a targeted way.

€ 2499.00

20 sessions package

The 20 pack consists of 20 sessions to address your situation for the long term.

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