Mindfulness at The Mind Academy

Mindfulness....er is offered so much mindfulness: one spiritual, the other more scientific, but what is the best choice?

Mindfulness is by definition a scientific discipline and it's very old. Since neuroscience began researching mindfulness and meditation, it has gained the popularity we know today in the West.

On google you'll find endless choice, but the basis remains the same: to control the thoughts or rather: to make sure that the thoughts no longer have a grip on your daily life.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day and this takes the necessary energy. With the number of burn-outs increasing more and more, we also see the demand for solutions increasing more and more.

Mindfulness at The Mind Academy

Mindfulness at The Mind Academy is mainly the focus on the scientific part and the right tools and techniques that go with it.

In addition to Mindfulness, we also learn neuroplasticity or brain plasticity: how to break through your old patterns and program new healthy patterns.

During our free workshop "The science behind change" we learn why change is so difficult, we learn how you can learn to live stress-free and what Mindfulness can do for you.

What makes our approach different?

Besides Mindfulness we also offer the possibility to follow yoga & sports classes in our Fit Flex Relax studio and give advice on exercise (the body and brain are connected to each other). Although mindfulness certainly works, the combination with physical movement is a more complete picture. In addition, nutrition plays a major role in our physical and mental health and we also give nutritional consultations. We also offer a meditation course and teach you how your brain works, giving you more insights and better control over your life.

In other words, Mind Body Nutrition: everything in one place with a personal approach and expert and scientific advice. Would you like to know more about mindfulness and how it can help you?

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Mindfulness at The Mind Academy

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