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In today's society everyone is busy, busy, busy. The amount of burn-outs is increasing enormously and many people feel a constant pressure. That's why we use neuro-scientifically proven programs that help you develop and increase your willpower, self-confidence and positive thinking and peace of mind. For example, we have the master class that is given in group form and with extensive 'aftercare' and you can schedule 1-on-1 consults with us so that you can be helped on an individual level. Finally, you can also join our retreats.

21/90 Challenge

Do you want to change your mind and life in 90 days? Then this guided challenge is for you!

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Do you want to learn to let go? Do you want to learn how to relax better and do you want a quiet and calm mind?

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Are you looking for inner peace? Learn to always be present and your thoughts to get order during our retreat.

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Life coaching

In addition to the programs we offer in groups, you can also contact us for individual coaching and guidance.

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HSP in men

We offer a unique combination of mindfulness & neuroplasticity, exercise and nutrition for men with high sensitivity.

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Apprenticed to Gil Sol, neuroplasticity expert.

It's more than just a body, a brain or your diet. It's a complete lifestyle and Gil has dedicated his own life to the science behind it. He combines the traditional teachings as developed in the East with the current scientific knowledge that exists in the West.

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