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Stress can have many different causes. It can be caused by things that happen in your daily life. Work can lead to enormous stress peaks. Stress can also come from your environment: friends, family and/or relations. A busy mind, traumas and fears and things that happened in the past can cause stress. In addition, there are mental challenges, characteristics such as perfectionism and insecurity. All examples of things that cause stress.


The consequences of (long-term) stress should not be underestimated. Meanwhile, stress can be seen as one of the main causes of death. Various physical complaints, such as cardiovascular disease, are the result of stress. Stress leads to even more turmoil and bustle in your head. Worrying and worrying all the time are consequences. Stress causes tension in the body, stiffness and physical complaints such as neck, back and shoulder pain. Energy levels, willpower and motivation are negatively affected. Finally, your appetite and eating habits and sleep patterns are negatively affected.

Stress is unhealthy for our lifestyle!


At Mind Movement we apply science based stress reduction (SBSR). This method helps you to recover both mentally and physically. You will find more peace in your mind and your body will relax.

During the 1 on 1 Mind sessions Gil will tackle the causes of the stress related complaints together with you. A personal approach based on scientifically proven programs!


The result of our programs is that you learn to deal with stress. So you can get on with your life the way you want to. You learn to deal with negativity from others, you learn to keep your mind calm and deal with all the mental challenges in your life!

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Specialties within this approach:

Burnout Recovery and Prevention | Neuroplasticity | Science Based Stress Reduction

If you want to learn Spanish you go to a Spanish teacher. If you want to learn tennis, you go to a tennis teacher. For losing weight à Dietician, get stronger à Personal trainer. So: to learn how your mind works, you go to someone who knows how the mind works: a neuroplasticity coach.

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Science based stress reduction

€ 149.00

1 single session

Go deeper into your situation in 1 lesson. You can compare this with a deeper intake.

€ 1399.00

10 sessions package

Take a package of 10 sessions if you want to work on your situation in a targeted way.

€ 2499.00

20 sessions package

The 20 pack consists of 20 sessions to address your situation for the long term.

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